Thursday, February 21, 2008

Home values are up in Oklahoma!
The Oklahoma Association of Realtors is kicking off a brand new public awareness campaign designed to change public opinion about the Oklahoma housing market. The more people understand that Oklahoma is not facing the housing crisis seen in the rest of the country the more they will use our member Realtors to buy or sell a house.

Television ads will run in much of the state and newspaper ads will suppliment in many areas but OAR is counting on local Realtors to spread the word. Talk to your clients, your associates, your friends and even the person in line at the grocery store. Wouldn't it be great if every adult in Oklahoma knew what we know, It's a good thing You're in Oklahoma!

Did you know:

Home values in Oklahoma rose 5.6 percent last year?
The number of homes sold in Oklahoma in 2007 was the third highest number on record?
The subprime mortgage forclosure rate in Oklahoma last year was well below the national average?

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